Ready to launch your career in the foodservice industry?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Sun Valley Culinary Institute has postponed our Professional Culinary School until 2021.  For more information, read the PRESS RELEASE.

Details about the Professional Program are below. If you have questions, please CONTACT US

Ready to launch your career in the foodservice industry?

Look no further. The Sun Valley Culinary Institute – with our industry connections, paid externships, affordable cost, and world-class location – develops your professional skillset in just one year.

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By the numbers

Months Intensive Learning

Weeks Restaurant Experience


Program Highlights

At a Glance
  • Focus on skills and knowledge to successfully begin a career in the culinary arts.
  • Combination of kitchen classes at SVC Institute and practical foodservice experience at local restaurants
  • Get paid while working during two different four-month externships
  • Classes meet five days a week, six hours a day, and are taught in an intense manner to mimic the professional environment pace
  • At the end of each class, students will make a lunch for themselves and community members—all of whom will eat together
  • Field trips to learn about sustainability, local products, and community food efforts
What you will Learn
  • Kitchen essentials: sanitation, safety, organization, and terminology
  • Strong knife skills
  • Critical food evaluation and tasting
  • Basic butchery
  • Pantry skills (salads and hot/cold sandwiches)
  • Stocks, soups, and sauces
  • Cooking methods and how they apply to different foods
  • Menu executing with strong plating skills in a timely manner
  • Introductory baking and pastry
  • Storeroom operations and basic costing
  • Basic forcemeats
  • Basic sous-vide cooking technique
  • Basic front of house service
  • Soft skills: timing, teamwork, speed, multitasking, and professionalism

Financial Assistance

Students accepted into the Professional Program have the opportunity to receive financial assistance. You will have the option to apply for financial assistance after being accepted, but before committing. SVC seeks to make culinary education accessible for all income backgrounds through merit and needs-based funding.